Urban Integration

The departments of Urban Integration, Development Management and Urban Development Compliance brings together the core of the urban development functions of TDA. These include human settlements, urban planning, environmental management and land use management, as well as be the interface between the 12 functions of TDA as well as the other service delivery directorates of the City. Its performance measurement will be the Urban Development Index as well as the long-term integration strategy of the TDA, which will be developed and then implemented and coordinated by this department.

This department has been established to perform the transversal management functions that manifest themselves in the urban environment.  The National Development Plan and the Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF) guide the City in its approach to urban integration.

Economic Opportunities

<h3>Economic Opportunities</h3>

The Urban Development Zone (UDZ) is a tax incentive administered by the South African Revenue Services, and aims to encourage private sector-led residential and commercial development in inner-city areas with developed public transport facilities. 

The UDZ allows businesses falling within its designated areas to benefit from significant tax savings for building development within the following categories:

  • The erection, extension or improvement of or addition to an entire building;
  • The erection, extension, improvement or addition of a part of a building representing a floor area of at least 1 000 m2;
  • The erection, extension or improvement of or addition to low-cost housing; and/ or
  • The purchase of such a building or part of a building directly from a developer.

The promulgation of the Taxation Laws Amendment Act (22 of 2012) extended the validity period for the Urban Development Zone to 31 March 2020. Furthermore, the City's application to geographically extend the Urban Development Zone has been approved by the Minister of Finance and now includes significant portions of Maitland, Parow and Oakdale. 

This extension complements efforts by the Mayor's Urban Regeneration Programme and the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District to boost private sector investment in these areas.

District Plans

<h3>District Plans</h3>

District plans are medium term (10 year) plans that aim to guide spatial development processes and land use management within the district and are approved by the Council of City of Cape Town as policy.

There are eight integrated district spatial development plans/ environmental management frameworks that seek to translate the Cape Town Municipal Spatial Development Framework at a sub-metropolitan scale. 

One plan has been compiled for each of the planning districts of the City of Cape Town, namely; 

  • Table Bay District Plan;
  • Blaauwberg District Plan;
  • Northern District Plan; 
  • Tygerberg District Plan;
  • Helderberg District Plan;
  • Khayelitsha/Mitchells Plain Greater Blue Downs District Plan;
  • Cape Flats District Plan; and
  • Southern District Plan.