Your Guide To Smart Travel 2018

This guide highlights smarter, more sustainable ways of getting around which offer cost savings, environmental benefits, less congestion on our roads and an improved quality of life in Cape Town.

TDA Housing Delivery Roadmap

A strategic approach to delivering housing in Cape Town.


The Scholar Transport Guide lists the requirements for parents, schools, operators and drivers who are paid to transport children to school and back.

Regulating Scholar Transport in Cape Town: A guide for parents, schools, vehicle owners and drivers

The easy-to-read Scholar Transport Programme Brochure is available in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. It provides tips to parents, drivers and schools on how to comply with the scholar transport regulations.

Short-term letting in Cape Town

Guidelines for short-term letting accommodation in Cape Town, with the aim of promoting the benefits of people-to-people tourism for Cape Town residents and their communities, and to promote Cape Town as a unique travel destination.

Simon's Town Penguin Colony Newsletter - February 2018

 A newsletter update about penguin monitoring and management within the Simon's Town Penguin Colony. 


If you cannot afford to buy your own house, or you need somewhere to rent, then you may be able to get help from the government. There are programmes that provide low-income households with different types of houses, flats and serviced sites, but only if you qualify for assistance. This depends on your income and your family circumstances.