Your Guide To Smart Travel 2018

This guide highlights smarter, more sustainable ways of getting around which offer cost savings, environmental benefits, less congestion on our roads and an improved quality of life in Cape Town.

Your Guide to the City's Road Network

This guide provides you with all the relevant information regarding Cape Town’s road network.

Report faulty traffic signals — make roads safer

This guide lists all the information you need and how to report a faulty traffic signal in Cape Town.

Report a blocked stormwater drain – get it fixed

Find out how to report a blocked stormwater drains and stolen or damaged stormwater drain covers or anyone who dumps objects or liquid waste in stormwater drains.

Report a pothole – get it fixed

Find out how to report a pothole in Cape Town

Your Guide to Scholar Transport

This guide lists the requirements for parents, schools, operators and drivers who are paid to transport children to school and back.