The City of Cape Town is committed to ensuring the development of affordable housing for its citizens, that is well-located, close to public transport networks, and easily accessible to job opportunities. As a result of this strategic approach, the City of Cape Town has embarked on a Prospectus and RFP process with the intent to facilitate development of mixed-income, mixed-use affordable housing in the Woodstock, Salt River, and Zonnebloem areas. This is an exciting opportunity for bidders together with Social Housing Institutions (SHIs) to innovate and contribute towards the City of Cape Town’s vision of integrated, liveable, and well-located human settlements.

Please note that the Prospectus and RFP process ended on 6 March 2018.

5 Sites Available For Proposals

A total of eleven sites of City-owned land have been made available for housing development in Woodstock, Salt River, and surrounds. Five of these sites have been identified for development as affordable housing, with a focus on social housing, as part of the Prospectus and Request for Proposals.

A further three sites have already been allocated to Social Housing Institutions (SHIs) for development as social housing, another site is to be developed as affordable housing in the future. The remaining two sites will be developed by the City of Cape Town as transitional housing.