Transport infrastructure to the value of R800 million proposed for Greater Wynberg area

The City of Cape Town’s Portfolio Committee for Transport this morning unanimously approved the trunk route alignment for the MyCiTi service in the Wynberg area. Should Council endorse the recommendation, the City will invest about R800 million in new infrastructure which will improve public transport and alleviate traffic congestion.

The two proposed transport routes form part of the roll-out of Phase 2A of the MyCiTi service which will connect commuters from the Metro South-east with Wynberg and Claremont. It is proposed that a direct bus route operates along Wetton Road, and a trunk route with dedicated right-of-way bus lanes along Ottery and South Roads.

The Portfolio Committee for Transport’s recommendation will serve before Council for final approval. Should Council endorse the recommendation, the City’s Transport Directorate will commence with the detail design of the new transport infrastructure in the Greater Wynberg area, the upgrade of existing roads, as well as the detail design of the MyCiTi trunk route, stations and stops.

‘The roll-out of the MyCiTi service will transform Wynberg. Firstly, the service will provide much-needed scheduled public transport for those commuting between Wynberg and the Metro South-east. The service will integrate with the rail stations in this area so that commuters can easily change from one mode of public transport to another, and it will also improve facilities for pedestrians,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.

One of the added benefits associated with the roll-out of the MyCiTi service is the opportunity to provide critical missing road links that will relieve traffic congestion and curb the current rat-running through the Wynberg residential areas.

‘One of the main reasons for the traffic congestion in the Greater Wynberg area is the missing road links that should connect the east and west sides of Wynberg. Commuters have few options to cross the railway line that runs through the heart of Wynberg. Should Council give us the go-ahead, we’ll connect Main Road and Ottery Road by building the missing link along South and Waterbury Roads. An underpass will give the Wynberg and Plumstead areas an additional crossing of the railway line and this will relieve the traffic pressure on Rockley and Victoria Roads,’ said Alderman Purchase.

The City is also proposing a set of parallel one-way streets for Wynberg by using Brodie and Main Roads to unclog and revitalise the central business district (CBD). This road scheme was approved by Council in 2002. The scheme is now needed for the roll-out of the MyCiTi service in Wynberg where buses will travel along the Brodie/Main Road-couplet on way to the Wynberg public transport interchange (PTI).

‘The added benefit is that the couplet will improve traffic flow by turning a section of Main Road into a one-way, with Brodie Road accommodating traffic in the other direction. Thus, the couplet will double the traffic capacity through Wynberg which will reduce the travel time during the peak-hour periods. This will benefit each and every commuter, from those travelling in the MyCiTi buses to commuters in minibus-taxis and other road users,’ said Alderman Purchase.

It is also proposed that the MyCiTi service operate a direct route between the Metro South-east and the Wynberg PTI via Wetton Road, but in mixed traffic because the road reserve is too narrow to build additional right-of-way bus lanes.

The MyCiTi trunk route along Ottery and South Roads will serve three rail stations – Wittebome, Ottery, and Wynberg.

‘All in all, we estimate that we will spend at least R788 million on transport infrastructure in the Greater Wynberg area. This includes road upgrades, the construction of new roads, and the infrastructure that is needed for the MyCiTi service such as the stations, stops, and red right-of-way bus lanes. This investment will, without a doubt, revitalise and transform Wynberg and the way commuters travel to, from and within this area,’ said Alderman Purchase.