A new roundabout to improve traffic flow is currently under construction at the intersection of Ladies Mile and Spaanschemat River Roads in Constantia.

The improved intersection is being implemented following the approval of the new shopping mall on a portion of the Old Ladies Mile dump site.

To date, traffic at this intersection was regulated through a set of traffic signals, but with the new roundabout the motorists are commuting through this point more easily. Roundabouts also serve as a useful traffic calming measure as there is no green light to chase or a red light to skip, thus, it also improves the overall safety at the intersection.

‘The theme for this year’s Transport Month is about showcasing transport infrastructure. Transport infrastructure includes everything that is needed to enable people and goods to move from point A to B, be it by road or rail, in a car, a bus, or on a bicycle or on foot.

‘Cape Town’s road network is one of our greatest assets and we are always looking at improvements that will contribute to easing congestion and improving safety and traffic flow. The less time spent on the road, the more time commuters have to do other more important things.

‘I believe this road upgrade is worthy of being showcased. I have been receiving positive messages from motorists using this stretch of the road about the difference that this roundabout is already making in their driving lives. The comments are encouraging,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.

The benefits of the roundabout are:

  • Less congestion on approaching roads as traffic moves through more quickly;
  • Continuous flow of traffic along Ladies Mile Road between the two roundabouts at Huxley Road and Firgrove Way;
  • Calming traffic as there is no green light to chase or red light to beat;
  • A reduction of speed at the intersection and along this corridor; and
  • Improvement of the overall safety at the intersection as drivers must slow down and yield to enter the roundabout.

The Transport Directorate is currently also considering a proposal for a roundabout at the intersection of Ladies Mile, Huxley, and the M3 Roads to improve traffic flow at this point.