The City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority has to date handed over keys to 181 beneficiaries who will celebrate the festive season with their families in their new State-subsidised homes in Delft for the first time. Over the coming months, more beneficiaries can expect to move into their new homes as the construction of the Delft housing project progresses.

The first 181 beneficiaries of the Delft Breaking New Ground (BNG) housing project are looking forward to celebrating the festive season with their families in their new State-subsidised houses in Delft.

These houses form part of the current phased roll-out of housing, which will total 2 112 housing opportunities when construction is completed.

Alderman Felicity Purchase, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for the Transport and Urban Development Authority, visited some of the first-time property owners at their new homes to congratulate them.

Mother of four, Eileen Juries, who lived in Elsies River, said on Sunday, 9 December : ‘I can cry because I am so happy. I went from place to place, from hokkie to hokkie, but when I came here today, I said to myself, “This is going to stop now”. Today I found my home. Today I am the happiest person and my family are the happiest people.’

Overall, the greater Delft housing project consists of 2 400 State-subsided BNG housing opportunities.

The Roosendal project, which formed part of the first phase of development, was completed in 2016 and provided 288 beneficiaries with housing opportunities.

‘The festive season is a time for families so I am very pleased to see that 181 beneficiaries will be able to spend the holiday period with their loved ones in their new homes. The visit was particularly heart-warming as the beneficiaries shared stories about their lives and how much they appreciated their new homes.

‘I was reminded that these houses provide our beneficiaries with more than just a roof over their heads. These homes provide our beneficiaries with the assurance that they own the houses and the land on which they are situated. This is a milestone in the lives of some of our most vulnerable residents who have never owned property before. 

‘I wish our new property owners a happy and safe festive season. I want to remind them that they are responsible for their homes and I want to encourage them to make good decisions pertaining to their properties and this includes securing this valuable asset for their loved ones in future. These houses are their assets and can be included in their wills.             

‘Going forward, I know our housing department is making every effort to ensure that this project remains on track so that more beneficiaries can move into their new homes,’ said Alderman Purchase.