The much-awaited Morkel’s Cottage housing development, which commenced at the beginning of 2017, is progressing well. The delivery of houses got under way on 23 November 2018, much to the excitement of the beneficiaries who received their keys.

The Morkel’s Cottage project has been on the cards since the City initiated the purchase of the land from the previous owner with the view to implementing a housing development on the farm. 

This development was included in a tender which allowed for the development of three areas, namely Morkel’s Cottage, Temperance Town and Sercor Park.

It is a hybrid project consisting of both a Breaking New Ground (BNG) portion and an Upgrade of Informal Settlements Programme (UISP) portion. 

In terms of the State-subsidised BNG units, the beneficiaries eligible for this development are households with a monthly income of less than R3 500, in accordance with the City’s housing allocation policy. 

In terms of the UISP, all the units surveyed in the informal settlements included in the project are accommodated with housing opportunities. The specific benefit is determined based on the specific circumstances of the individual beneficiary.

The project will yield 547 housing opportunities for qualifying beneficiaries. It caters for a wide target community, including the current residents of three informal settlements, i.e. Morkel’s Cottage, Beverley Hills and Dark City, as well as beneficiaries from the City’s housing database. 

‘This the best Christmas present ever. I have lived in Beverley Hills for more than 20 years and the environment there wasn’t that great. The toilet was outside and at night it was dangerous to go out, especially in winter when it is wet. I am very proud to be a home owner,’ said 67-year-old beneficiary Ms Johanna Jansen.

‘The need for housing in our country is enormous and it gives me great pleasure to hand over these keys that will not only open the doors to the beneficiaries’ homes, but also to other opportunities as well, like participating in the economy,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, Alderman Felicity Purchase.

‘The beneficiaries will enjoy their homes that are in close proximity of amenities. Morkel’s Cottage is within walking distance to the shopping centre, places of worship and public transport. I also want to urge beneficiaries to look after their homes as they are assets that will give them dignity in the community,’ said Alderman Purchase.