The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase, switched on the traffic signal at the pedestrian crossing on New Eisleben Road. The crossing adjacent to Imbasa Primary School in Crossroads, has been upgraded recently.

The installation took three weeks to complete and the traffic signal is now fully operational.

‘We appeal to pedestrians, especially the learners, to please use the traffic signal correctly, by pushing the button and waiting for the light to go green. Please be cautious while crossing the road because it may take a while for drivers to get used to the new signalised pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians must also note that the signal will not change automatically, thus, they have to press the button that is mounted on the pole at the crossing point,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.

To use the traffic signal safely, pedestrians must:

  • Push the call button
  • Wait for the green man, as it is not safe to cross the road while the man is red.
  • When the red man starts flashing while you are crossing the road, it means you still have time to get to the other side before the signal changes to green for vehicular traffic
  • A pedestrian arriving at the road edge wishing to cross the road should not cross the road while the red flashing man is displayed. He/she should push the button and wait for the next green cycle, or green man, which could take up to two minutes.

‘I urge drivers to be more courteous and to comply with the traffic signal to give all road users equal access on this road, especially our vulnerable users, including children, the elderly and those with special needs. Drivers are warned that disregarding the traffic signal is a serious and punishable offence,’ said Alderman Purchase.