The Rail Enforcement Unit (REU) conducted 206 stop-and-searches and inspected 75 hotspots and scrap yards this past week. The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa’s efforts focused on court appearances to oppose bail applications and train patrols.

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) Protection Services and private security contractors arrested 13 suspects in terms of the Criminal Matters Amendment Act which provides for stricter bail conditions and harsher sentences, including up to 30 years’ imprisonment for those caught and convicted for destruction of essential infrastructure. A total of 42 court cases were attended to and bail applications were successfully opposed, meaning all suspects remain in custody while awaiting trial.

In response to public complaints and operational risk, 17 structures on PRASA property were dismantled and removed in the section between Bellville and Parow and 31 occupants were removed. The teams also patrolled 938 trains and conducted 1 427 searches of individuals.

Fines to the value of R100 300 were issued by the REU over the past week. Furthermore, 206 stop-and-searches were conducted and 75 hotspots and scrap yards were inspected.



Suspects arrested for damage to essential infrastructure; possession of drugs; attempted cable theft; possession of possible stolen goods; possession of stolen property and trespassing

Trains patrolled
Regional schedule with special focus on the northern line (Monte Vista) Autonomous operations
Knives, scissors & tools Confiscations


Regional schedule of designated trains and stations Impoundments:


Legal Succession Act Schedule B (warnings/fines)
Holding train doors open, entering or exiting a moving train, crossing railway lines illegally at stations and in section and standing in between coaches while train is in motion Fines – Traffic by-law, general
R3 000
Street people removed

Section: Bellville to Parow

Inspections of hotspot areas and scrapyards
Structures dismantled and removed
Section: Bellville to Parow Section 56 notices To appear in court
Joint operations
With City law enforcement Section 341 notices (fines)
R97 300
Campaigns (safety, level crossing)
Bellville with SAPS RRPU Stop-and-search actions
Court appearances and/or convictions
Bail successfully opposed in all cases; suspects awaiting trial in custody Complaints attended
PRASA Protection Services is tasked to ensure Legal Succession Act compliance, crime prevention and commuter safety. * The Rail Enforcement Unit (REU) is a special security initiative funded by  PRASA,
the City of Cape Town and  PGWC Department of Transport & Public Works)
to focus on bylaw compliance, metal theft prevention and to support SAPS Railway
Police in the protection of commuters. Its 100 law enforcement officers are trained
as Peace Officers with traffic warden and street survival skills and firearm
competency and also focus on bylaw compliance.  The Unit’s performance is
reflected separately to monitor performance and assess feasibility.


‘We have noted that criminals tend to move to other areas when enforcement closes in on their territory. The reports of a spike in incidents in the north is concerning and the teams will therefore continue to focus on the northern line to ensure that we rid the trains and stations of thugs. We encourage commuters to report all incidents to the SAPS and Metrorail, the information forms part of the crime pattern analysis to ensure security resources are used optimally,’ said Metrorail Western Cape Regional Manager, Richard Walker.

‘The safety and security of rail commuters is a top priority. We must ensure that commuters are and feel safe when they enter the rail system, be it in the station, on the platform, or in the train. The REU is making steady progress, and I’m eager to see more commuters making use of the trains as the service stabilises over time. I also want to appeal to residents to please report suspicious activities and to work with us. The urban rail service is an invaluable asset for all who live and work in Cape Town. The City is determined and committed to establishing an integrated and efficient public transport system across all modes. The urban rail service is a vital component of our transport network and we want to see it restored to full capacity,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.

‘It is undeniable that more and more commuters have been forced onto road-based public transport as a direct result of the state of our rail system. It is imperative that the system is improved and that people move back to rail as their mode of public transport so as to alleviate congestion and the pressure experienced on our road network. Addressing safety, as is the task of the REU has become key to restoring confidence in the rail network. As the REU’s work continues to make the rail network safer for commuters, we hope they will be encouraged to make use of what remains the most affordable mode of public transport in the metro area,’ said the Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works and Chairperson of the Rail Management Task Team, Donald Grant.

Members of the public can assist the REU by reporting crime and vandalism, as this forms part of the intelligence that drives deployment and operations.


Illicit ands suspicious activity may be reported to any number listed below:
Metrorail Protection Services hot-line 021 449 4336/5056
RRPU Cape Town (platform 1) 021 443 4325
RRPU Bellville 021 941 6800
RRPU Philippi/Stock Road 021 370 1011
RRPU Retreat 021 710 5129
RRPU Radio Control/OPS room 021 449 4309/10
SAPS Crime Stop 0860 10111
Crime line SMS 32211
City of Cape Town Metals Theft Unit 0800 222 2771
Rewards of up to R25 000 are payable for information leading to successful conviction.