The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Councillor Rob Quintas visited Broadway Boulevard and the new N2 pedestrian bridge at De Beers Street to see the new non-motorised transport (NMT) facilities in the Strand area.

The successful completion of the pedestrian bridge across the N2 at De Beers Street was a collaboration between the City of Cape Town and SANRAL and is the most recently constructed pedestrian bridge in Cape Town. The bridge spans the N2 and provides safe crossing for the residents on the north of the N2 to schools; recreational and retail establishments and employment opportunities to the south of the N2.

‘We saw a great need for a safe and durable pedestrian bridge across the N2 at the De Beers Street as many residents, including learners need to use this route daily. We are encouraged to see how many people are making use of the pedestrian facility already,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Councillor Rob Quintas.

The upgraded NMT facilities along Broadway Boulevard formed part of the major capital project, which included the widening and upgrading of the road into a dual carriageway. It also forms part of the City’s NMT masterplan with the inclusion of signalised intersections with cycle lanes, push buttons to activate the pedestrian phase for pedestrians, new sidewalks, dropped kerbs and ramps for pedestrians in wheelchairs and tactile paving for the blind or those with partial sight, and provision of additional space for prams and others with special needs.

‘These pedestrian and cycle facilities will improve pedestrian safety and enable commuters to cycle to their destinations. Also, Broadway Boulevard links the communities of Nomzamo and Lwandle with the commercial and industrial hubs along this stretch of road. Thus, ensuring the safety of these residents while they commute along this busy route was definitely a priority,’ said Councillor Quintas.

Part of the construction of phase three of the upgrade of Broadway Boulevard from Main Road to Altena Road is planned to commence toward the end of 2022. This phase will also include the duelling of lanes and the upgrade of the bridge over the railway line with improved pedestrian access.