Meet Sonwabile Kewana, Heflin Fransman and Hayley Franz, three of the essential services employees at the City’s Transport Information Centre (TIC). They assist Capetonians with transport queries on a daily basis and have remained passionate and motivated during the lockdown. The TIC is still operating 24/7 to assist commuters and residents.

‘I am commending these employees for their dedication throughout the lockdown and for the great effort the team at the TIC is making to assist residents and commuters as they navigate their way through these uncertain and challenging days,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.

The TIC provides transport information to the public and handles various queries about the MyCiTi bus service, GABS, Metrorail and Dial-a-Ride. The TIC agents also log service requests about maintenance issues such as potholes, or incidents that prevent the free flow of traffic. Providing daily reports and reporting emergency queries to relevant service providers or City departments form part of the centre’s daily priorities.

Sonwabile Kewana, from Tambo Village, is a Floor Supervisor at the TIC. He said it is his responsibility to ensure that the various workplace safety measures are in place at the centre. Some of these measures include monitoring the staff’s body temperature throughout the day, ensuring that all practise social distancing, and that all agents are using their personal protective equipment.

Heflin Fransman, from Elsies River, is a Floor Trainer at the TIC. He said that the team has displayed empathy with commuters and other residents calling in to the centre. Just being able to provide the public with some reassurance and information during the lockdown has motivated him to stay positive while serving residents.

The TIC consists of 100 customer service officers managing all telephonic; electronic and social media requests. They are based at the Transport Management Centre in Goodwood. The centre deals with an average of 290 000 calls per month.

Hayley Franz, from Maitland, is an Information Officer at the TIC. He said the fact that the public depends on their service especially during the lockdown period when public transport services are limited, is motivating her to give her best.

‘I have viewed my role at the TIC as one to provide support and to reassure, and to relate to the needs of residents. During lockdown, the City has to respond and attend to emergency and other essential services. I deal with various incident reports and service requests as well, these include faulty traffic signals; open manholes; flooding and fallen trees blocking the road; and also queries which specifically need to be attended to avoid any accidents as it affects pedestrian and vehicular traffic,’ said Franz.

Franz encourages public transport users to respectfully ask fellow commuters to keep their distance, and to wear a mask or cloth to cover their mouths and noses before, during, and after a trip.

Members of the public can phone the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63 where a team of supportive TIC agents are available to assist 24/7 in Afrikaans, isiXhosa, and English.