The City of Cape Town is hosting an open day in Imizamo Yethu today where officials from the Transport Directorate will inform the local community of the upcoming project to improve the roads in the settlement.

The purpose of the open day taking place from 16:00 until 20:00 this evening is not only to inform residents of the roadworks, but to also get the community’s support for the project and to educate residents on what can be done to prolong the lifetime of the road infrastructure.

The following work will commence on 2 November and should be finalised before the builders’ holiday on 16 December 2021:

  • the resurfacing of the traffic circle at the entrance to Imizamo Yethu
  • the repair of kerbs along NR Mandela Road
  • the resurfacing of NR Mandela and Oliver Tambo Roads
  • the repair of damaged sidewalks along sections of NR Mandela and Oliver Tambo Roads

The City has already commenced with the installation of sub-surface drains.

Community leaders and residents are kindly requested to:

  • support the City to get the work done as soon as possible
  • avoid getting rid of greywater by dumping it on the roads
  • avoid littering and the dumping of objects into the stormwater or sewer system
  • note that roads will be less likely to flood if there is no littering or dumping into the stormwater system
  • assist by making sure the stormwater inlets along their roads are clean and not blocked and to report this to the City for attention if needed
  • assist the City by educating residents about how the roads in Imizamo Yethu can be protected, and its lifespan prolonged

‘By working together we can do the road repairs and complete the project on time. This will benefit all who live and move around in Imizamo Yethu, from the local residents to the minibus-taxi operators. I want to thank the community in advance for their support for this project. By standing together we can make a real difference and improve living conditions and access routes.

‘I also want to mention that only runoff from rainfall events should go down the stormwater system. The abuse of the stormwater infrastructure and dumping of objects into the system should be avoided at all times as this leads to blockages, and eventually the flooding of roads and even houses. This is why I cannot stress enough how important it is that residents refrain from dumping objects into the system and to report those who do,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Councillor Rob Quintas.