The City of Cape Town is exploring alternative sites in the Cape Town central business district that can be converted into holding facilities for minibus-taxi operators who have been displaced from the Station Deck facility.

One of the unintended consequences of the recent refurbishment and reconfiguration of the Station Deck rank is the fact that the facility can no longer accommodate the same number of vehicles as before. As a result, about 300 minibus-taxi operators have been displaced and have moved onto vacant sites in mainly District Six where they park their vehicles while they are waiting for the next peak hour period.

This is having a negative impact on the residents and businesses in District Six as these sites are not suitable as holding areas, neither are they zoned for this use. There is also no infrastructure for the provision of basic services such as water and sanitation, traffic is being disrupted along the routes where the sites are located, and unfortunately, there are also elements of anti-social behaviour.

We are trying our best to resolve these challenges as soon as possible, and are looking into options that will meet the following criteria:

  • sites that are not located in or close to residential areas
  • sites that are in relative close proximity to the Station Deck minibus-taxi facility
  • sites with reasonable access to main routes
  • sites where it is possible to provide basic services such as water and sanitation, and solid waste removal
  • sites that will, together, accommodate approximately 300 minibus-taxis

In the meantime, the City is also investigating immediate measures to limit the impact on the residents and businesses who are affected by the informal holding areas in and around District Six, among which:

  • the provision of temporary sanitation facilities
  • bins for waste
  • regular cleaning services

The Transport Directorate is also reviewing the layout of the Station Deck minibus-facility to determine whether more minibus-taxis can be accommodated at the facility during the off-peak periods.

We are working around the clock and will keep the public informed of our progress.