Transport for Cape Town recently participated in the 61st UITP World Congress and Exhibition in Milan where it received special recognition for achievements in public transport and for addressing the city’s transport needs through establishing a transport authority.

The UITP is the international association for public transport and plays a key role in the exchange of knowledge, expertise, best practice and innovation in the rapidly growing global public transport industry. It brings together transport authorities, operators and industry.

Collectively the industry seeks to dramatically grow public transport ridership over the coming decade. This is seen as essential to improve quality of life, particularly in urban areas, and to shift to more sustainable transport solutions, which are cost effective for customers and tax payers.

Cape Town was part of the South African delegation which was one of 83 countries represented at this event which takes place very two years. More than 2000 delegates attended the congress and over 5000 visited the exhibition.

Cape Town’s delegation was led by Councillor Brett Herron, Member of the Mayoral Committee responsible for Transport for Cape Town and the Commissioner of Transport for Cape Town, Melissa Whitehead. TCT’s interactive exhibit highlighted the challenges and opportunities facing Cape Town and its three year old transport authority as it drives a process of reform in Cape Town’s transport landscape.

The UITP conference ‘wrap up’ report highlighted the important role that Transport for Cape Town is playing in this regard, noting that the establishment of transport authorities was a priority in developing countries in order to formalise and regulate the market and create a fair business environment.

The conference and exhibition were hosted with the theme ‘smile in the city’ with ‘smile’ an acronym for sustainability, mobility, innovation, lifestyle and economy.