<h3>Outdoor Advertising and Signage</h3>

The City is engaging with relevant stakeholders to make new user-friendly regulations that streamline the processes of applying for outdoor advertising and signage. The draft Outdoor Advertising By-law addresses advertising possibilities and signage structures, as well the requirements and standards they have to meet.

The draft Outdoor Advertising By-law sets out:

  • The applicable regulations to install, use, or display a sign or signage structure (including aerial signs, banners, billboards, information boards, composite signs, construction site signs, custom-shaped signs, electronic signs, flat signs, freestanding signs, inflatable signs, illuminated signs, roof signs, security signs, sky signs, window signs, and headline posters)
  • The deemed approval of certain sign types which do not require an application
  • How to apply for authorisation and the information the City needs in order to assess the application speedily
  • Application fees
  • How to appeal a decision
  • How to request an extension of an approval
  • Exemptions for certain categories of user, for example non-profit organisations
  • The removal of unlawful signs
  • Offences and penalties

The draft By-law also creates different areas of control:

  • Different regulations apply in urban, industrial and rural parts of the city and at parks and public gardens, along scenic routes, in nature areas, heritage sites, beaches, seashores and rivers
  • Restrictions on signage in industrial areas have been relaxed to promote industry and entice business and encourage investment
  • Signage in residential areas remains controlled
  • Signage in mixed-use areas will be considered by the City for its appropriateness, but this is not overly restrictive
  • The regulation of outdoor advertising in scenic, agricultural areas, nature reserves and protected areas, is very restrictive