TCT has developed a standardised wayfinding system to enable all commuters, residents of and visitors to Cape Town to be able to read the city from an access point of view. 

It will take some time to introduce the new wayfinding system all over the city but TCT has started. Ultimately those in the city will not only be able to navigate their way around but will also be assured that where this wayfinding has been placed, the pioneeering performance standards have been met. TCT, the City's transport authority is moving towards service excellence and integrated, sustainable transport for all. 

The new wayfinding signage provides for a seamless transfer between the different modes of public transport – buses, trains, minibus-taxis, metered taxis and non-motorised transport – and is fundamental in the realisation of the City’s goal to create an integrated public transport system for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of commuters and tourists within the city. This is in line with the City’s objective to maintain the highest level of efficiency and to building a well-run city which is constantly in search of innovative solutions.

Through the use of colours, symbols, wording and pictures, the new way finding-signage provides clear and consistent information which is easy to understand, making travelling within the city effortless, for example:

  • Red designates a public transport interchange (PTI)
  • Black designates train services
  • Purple designates Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Blue designates bus services
  • Pink designates minibus-taxis
  • Orange designates metered taxis
  • Green designates non-motorised transport such as bicycle routes or pedestrain bridges

Mitchells Plain’s residents were the first to benefit from the new signage which consists of transport totems, directional finger boards, map and information panels, and information boards. The totems provide a full listing of the operational transport facilities within the relevant Mitchells Plain PTI precinct and will direct commuters at various terminuses to the different public transport modes. Over time, this will be rolled out across the city, not only during the upgrading of other public transport interchanges, but to all the places where people move throughout the city.