• Wayfinding

    New way-finding signage provides for a seamless transfer between the different modes of public transport – buses, trains, minibus-taxis, metered taxis and non-motorised transport – and is fundamental in the realisation of the City’s goal to create an integrated public transport system for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of commuters and tourists within the city.

  • TCT App

    Transport for Cape Town, the City of Cape Town’s transport authority, has launched a mobile transport application (app) which will allow commuters to experience one public transport network that connects the different modes in a convenient and user-friendly way.

  • Road Closures

     View detailed information about upcoming road closures in Cape Town.

  • Public transport service information

    For more information about public transport, including maps, routes and timetables, you can:

    - Call the 24/7 Transport Information Centre for help with routes, maps and other public transport service information
    - Download the TCT App, which integrates service information for scheduled public transport in Cape Town. 
    - Visit the websites of individual public transport service operators

  • Research

    Research documents relating to transport can be found here.

  • eCamp

    The Economic Areas Management Programme (‘ECAMP’) is a ground-breaking research and policy support initiative which tracks and routinely assesses the market performance and long-term growth potential of over seventy business precincts across the metropolitan region; on this basis, local interventions are identified which help ensure that each business precinct performs optimally given its particular locational assets.

  • Public Participation

    Capetonians have the opportunity and are encouraged, through subcouncils, ward forums, libraries, public meetings, written submissions (post, e-mail and paper forms), faxes and online forms; to get involved with decision-making processes that relate to Transport for Cape Town.

  • Information guides

    Information guides relating to transport can be found here.