In terms of the National Land Transport Act and contextualised in the Constitution of Transport for Cape Town By-Law No 7208, the Commissioner of Transport for Cape Town will be responsible for issuing and managing operating licences for those persons wishing to undertake an intraprovincial transport service that either takes place in, or starts in Cape Town.

  • Operating Licences

    The Operating Licensing Function (OLF) has not been assigned to the City of Cape Town as yet. The City is waiting for ministerial sign off and promulgation by the President. This needs to take place for the Municipal Regulatory Entity (MRE) function to take effect in Cape Town. This will mean the management of all operating licences and related public transport operations (other than tourism services) that operate within or emanate from Cape Town. 

    In the interim, the City of Cape Town, as the planning authority, provides the necessary comment and input to the Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE) which then issues operating licences.