Phase three of the major rehabilitation of Main Road and its infrastructure is now well underway (December 2016) with work proceeding in Muizenberg, Kalk Bay and Clovelly. Interested and affected parties have been kept informed throughout the process with public meetings held every two months and newsletters distributed every three months.

The Muizenberg section of the project is now complete, with only minor snags outstanding. Work completed in Muizenberg in the last quarter of 2016 includes the following:

York Road pedestrian crossing

In conjunction with Metrorail, the York Road pedestrian rail crossing has been widened and relocated to the south of the existing crossing. The contractor has completed the civil works and Metrorail will complete new sliding gates for the crossing.

New parking opposite Casa Labia

The new parking area on Metrorail property opposite Casa Labia is now complete. Trees and shrubs were planted in the parking areas, but regrettably some have been vandalised.

Overflow parking off School Road

The overflow parking area off School Road has been fertilised and additional grass sprigs have been planted. Maintenance of this area is ongoing

Ongoing work from Kalk Bay Harbour to Woolley’s Pool

Work is ongoing in the portion of Main Road between Kalk Bay Harbour and Woolley’s Pool. The embayment on the southbound lane in front of 181 Main Road has been extended and modified after consultation with the Kalk Bay community. This delayed the completion of the footways by a few days, however both the mountain and sea-side footways will be usable over the busy holiday period.

Signalised pedestrian crossing near Woolley’s Pool

Approval was granted to install a permanent signalised pedestrian crossing near Woolley’s Pool. In the interim a temporary signalised crossing is being erected. The permanent crossing will be positioned 45 metres south of the temporary crossing.

Retaining wall and embankment

The retaining wall has been completed and the application of natural sandstone cladding is nearly complete with the sandstone copings being dressed and erected. This will be finished early in 2017.

The embankment has been planted with indigenous plants and shrubs and managed watering and maintenance will be carried out until the plants are established.

Road works to Clovelly

The future southbound lane from the top of the hill to Clovelly corner is under construction with the surfacing of the section to BTB scheduled for the first week of December 2016. At the same time work on the patches near Rhodes Cottage will be completed.

Work on a narrow, 40 metre section of the southbound lane near Clovelly intersection will be undertaken next week to complete the beachside parking area. This may result in minor disruptions to traffic flow and notices will be distributed ahead of the works.

A pedestrian railing will be erected during the construction of the seaward footway. An example of the railing has been installed at the Clovelly end of the stub wall.

Access to Woolley’s Pool

Safe access to Woolley’s Pool is currently not possible from the roadside due to the construction activity. Access will be available from 13 December 2016 for the holiday period.

Replacement of electricity substation

The electricity department has agreed to replace the old Quarry Road mini substation next to the Liddell family home. The new unit will be installed at footway level and the depression filled. The local distribution main will be complete by the December holidays.

Work on the water pipeline

An offset on the pipeline near Woolley’s Pool has been installed and once successfully tested the water pipelines for the project will be complete. This leaves only the storm water infrastructure which will be tackled in the coming year.

Work in forthcoming month from Woolley’s Pool to Clovelly

Discussions with Metrorail about the demolition of the seaward platform are ongoing and a response is awaited from Metrorail. Other work to come include the installation of a pipe and chamber system at the base of the new retaining wall to house Metrorail’s future signal cables; the laying of stormwater infrastructure between Woolley’s Pool to the south and the completion of footways between Kalk Bay Harbour and Woolley’s Pool and from the Clovelly intersection northbound.

For more information

To find out more about this ongoing project, or to register as an interested or affected party please contact Rafieka Johaar, the Public Liaison Officer for the project (, Tel: 021 762 3050).