During the study, up to 24 pedestrian and vehicle level crossings were audited and assessed in terms of infrastructure, pedestrian protection and accessibility, access control systems, fencing, and signage.  

It was found that most pedestrian crossings have adequate signage, but are lacking in maintenance in the rail reserve, fencing and access control, and that there is inadequate provision for pedestrians and cyclists at vehicle level crossings. The maintenance, upgrade and monitoring of these 24 level crossings is therefore recommended.

Furthermore, the study established that a high number of pedestrians walk along rail lines or cross rail lines at places where it is prohibited. Up to 16 hotspot locations were identified through the utilisation of high quality video recording devices that were mounted on the front and back of moving trains to capture pedestrian and vehicular movement. Additional field studies were conducted at these hotspots during the morning and afternoon peak hours where pedestrian movement was tallied along the rail lines, across the rail lines, and at the platforms.

As such, the following hotspot locations have been identified:

  • South of Netreg station
  • East and west of Bonteheuwel station
  • North and south of Eikenfontein station
  • North and south of Heideveld station
  • South of Nyanga station

Interventions proposed to address the hotspot locations include fencing, pathways, pedestrian bridges or underpasses, signage informing pedestrians that the crossing of rail lines is illegal, and safety awareness campaigns.

‘While the City is responsible for the pathways and pedestrian bridges that provide street-to-street access, it is PRASA’s institutional responsibility to provide and maintain fencing, to maintain the bridges and subways that provide pedestrians with access from the road to the platform and between platforms, to place signage and host awareness campaigns and to maintain the infrastructure within the rail reserve and the associated assets. 





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