Transport for Cape Town’s stormwater management service ensures that stormwater is managed so that residents do not experience flooding or uncomfortable levels of dampness. As important is ensuring that urban stormwater does not result in degradation of natural environments and increased public health risks.

Cape Town’s stormwater system, which drains the city and prevents waterlogging, is an extensive network of built infrastructure and natural ecosystems such as rivers and wetlands. It consists of:

180 000 gullies and intakes

7 500 km of pipes and culverts

Extensive surface channel systems

800 detention ponds 

1 200 km of rivers and streams 

Thousands of natural wetlands (including vleis and estuaries)

The replacement value of the built infrastructure is conservatively estimated at R11.2 billion; the natural ecosystems are irreplaceable.

The functions of Catchment, Stormwater and River Management are to:

Develop strategy and policy

Plan stormwater infrastructure and control land

Develop and maintain stormwater infrastructure such as pipes, culverts, detention ponds and constructed wetlands

Protect receiving waters from pollution 

Plan for disasters such as floods

The risk of flooding and pollution can be reduced through the appropriate planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure, as well as development management and disaster planning.

To report flooded roads, chemical or other spills, or other stormwater matters call 0800 65 64 63 or send us a message.

Please provide details of the location or address where the incident occurred or is occurring and when it was first noted. Also give a good description of the incident and its details which to help with investigation.