The City of Cape Town's Transport Authority, Transport for Cape Town (TCT) through its TCT Constitution By-Law, is responsible for planning, costing, contracting, regulating, monitoring, evaluating, communicating, managing and maintaining the City of Cape Town's transport infrastructure, systems, operations, facilities and network. 

Transport for Cape Town is the custodian and authority over the entire ambit of the transport lifecycle and related infrastructure in Cape Town. TCT aims to improve the transport system in a pioneering, industrious and fair manner, through setting standards within its complex urban environment. Further, it is required to regulate efficient and safe, integrated, intermodal and inter-operable transport systems, as well as ensuring performance oriented service delivery for all citizens and visitors to Cape Town.  Our focus is to invest in a new transport legacy for Cape Town, South Africa. 

  • Constitution of TCT By-Law No 7208, 2013

    The TCT Constitution By-Law has paved the way for TCT's performance-orientated governance structure and related Long-Term Strategy as well as a functional Municipal Land Transport Fund. The By-Law is inherently long term and, unlike a policy, cannot be readily changed. This enables TCT to be the platform for targeted investment in integrated, intermodal and interoperable transport and the related network.

  • Mission

    TCT's 'Mission of 1' responds to the transport challenges that face Cape Town by focusing on nine unifying components that together will enable a clear path to true efficiencies and equality across system, infrastructure and operations.

  • Vision

    TCT's vision is to drive down the cost of identified user groups' access priorities as determined by its Transport Development Index (TDI) through redirecting service delivery. In developing a new integrated transport legacy for Cape Town TCT's vision is to invest in a real, sustainable and efficient future for the citizens of and visitors to Cape Town. 

  • Long-Term Strategy

    The TCT Long Term Strategy comprises four subcomponents that make up a 15 year timeline. The four subcomponents are:

    1. Consolidated transport authority
    2. Financial investment system
    3. Integrated transport
    4. Driving down the cost of user access priorities