The Commissioner: Transport for Cape Town is Melissa Whitehead.
The powers and responsibilities of the Commissioner are delegated by the Council and may change from time to time.

The Commissioner's biography in brief

Melissa Whitehead is the Commissioner for Transport for Cape Town and has been involved in various aspects related to the transport field since 1997. She holds an undergraduate degree in Town and Regional Planning and a Master’s in Environmental Planning for Developing Countries, which focused on all sectors of the built environment including transport.

Among her many accomplishments have been the formulation and implementation of the Gauteng Strategic Action Agenda for Transport (2007), which included a transformation strategy related to public transport; development of the integrated transport norms and standards for Gauteng Province which covered the entire transportation lifecycle; and the development of a monitoring and evaluation toolkit for the National Department of Transport to improve service delivery and accountability for all of their transport related entities, provinces and metros.

Melissa is regarded as a transport and Transit Oriented Development activist who is vigorously tackling this inequitable and car-focused legacy driving investment in public transport infrastructure. She is also the Chairperson of the Intermodal Planning Committee (IPC).