In South Africa, the need for investment is particularly acute. Transport is so expensive for low-income groups that solutions must often be found outside the transport realm.

In order to focus its investment, TCT first had to establish the extent of the challenge it faces. In the past, there had been a tendency for assumptions to be made about the needs and circumstances of individual user groups. This led to solutions often being based on incorrect assumptions. When these solutions were not as successful as intended, the response was often to amend the solutions rather than going back and getting to grips with the underlying data. TCT’s approach is different.

Before determining its investment focus, it set about ascertaining the real cost of transport priorities for each user group. TCT collated this information in its Transport Development Index (TDI). The TDI identifies the direct, indirect, and incidental cost of public transport for different user groups. The results exposed the reality of what apartheid caused and is still responsible for some 20 years later.

With the benefit of accurate, verifiable information provided by the TDI, TCT then set about meeting the transport investment challenge. In order to do this, TCT has established the MLTF, the purpose of which is to receive, raise, invest, and expend money for transport-related functions, as referred to in the By-law.

  • Investment Pipeline

    TCT is committed to investing in integrated transport and providing performance-oriented service delivery. It is therefore developing a pipeline of investment opportunities across the full life-cycle of integrated transport. Some of these opportunities will be delivered by TCT itself, while others will be open to private sector partners.

  • Investment Profiles

    Transport for Cape Town, the City of Cape Town’s transport thought leadership has evolved from a pioneering approach to real problems taking best practices from across the world and customising them to address mobility issues and challenges in Cape Town. TCT is keen to bring four private sector opportunities to the market as soon as possible. Investment profiles for these opportunities are set out below:

    • Bike share for Cape Town
    • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects
    • Technology projects to give commuters a voice and a choice
    • Identification of TCT’s carbon footprint and related mitigation projects to reduce the identified carbon footprint