From the experience of many countries, bike share projects are a proven concept. As a form of public transport, they:
  • Cater for the smallest distances
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Provide for tourists
  • Provide transport for the last mile of travel
  • Represent an important component of integrated transport
Cape Town is renowned as the most bike-friendly city in Africa. It received an award in 2012 for the longest continuous cycle lane in Africa – 16.4 km. In order to build on the City’s established cycling culture, TCT will shortly be launching Cape Town’s first bike share project. 
TCT intends to tender the bike share project by September 2015 and is keen to hear from all interested parties, including both domestic and international bidders. TCT envisages that its bike share project should have the following features:
  • It must be well run, attractive, and easily accessible to users so as to befit such a high-profile project within the City
  • The routes may be determined by bidders but TCT considers that they might run from Woodstock through the Central Business District and the Waterfront, and then on to Sea Point
  • It must be integrated with other modes of transport (such as being located near railway stations) so as to promote intermodal transport
  • The number of bikes to be provided must be capable of supporting an efficient and effective service 
  • It must provide local employment opportunities
TCT is prepared to award a contract of up to 20 years to ensure that the successful bidder will be able to make an attractive return on its investment through the revenues generated by the project. In accordance with TCT’s ethos, this contract will be performance based to ensure that the bike share provider delivers an excellent service. 
To support its investments in integrated transport, TCT would like to share in some of the revenue of the project. In addition, TCT would like to be able to use some of the advertising space on the bikes for its own use. As this project will be taking place in a developing country, TCT will work with bidders to ensure that the pricing of the project is attractive to potential users. 
All interested parties (suppliers) who wish to do business with the City of Cape Town are required to register as a supplier on the City’s supplier database. Refer to for more information on how to register.
For further supplier support or any additional information that potential suppliers may have, you can contact us via email: For information about the bike share initiative, contact TCT via email: